Oscars Countdown… #4 La La Land 

La la land is pure sunshine! I defy anyone who watches it not to emerge with a smile on their face. 
Now I am biased I love love love musicals so how was I not going to love this film? But it is everything I wanted and more. This is a classic Hollywood film, a throwback to the golden days of cinema. And it is so easy to believe this is a film of that era that when a mobile rings or a modern reference is made its a shock. 

Visually it is stunning. The colours are so bright, the scenes so beautiful. Damien Chazelle conjures up an idealistic vision of Los Angeles, La La Land is love story of the city. Please someone book me a flight so I can go to Hollywood and dance among the stars! If this does not win for best cinematography it will be the biggest surprise. 

I don’t really need to go in depth on the music, suffice to say I have had the soundtrack playing on repeat ever since. Though perhaps controversially I far prefer ‘Audition’ to the films champion song ‘City of Stars’. 
Putting aside the music and the visuals the story itself is beautiful. Funny, sweet and a little bit heartbreaking here is a story of young love. A story that turns even the most cynical into hopeless romantics. They may not end up together but look how they changed each other’s lives and look at the wonderful times they had. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone play their parts so beautifully. Maybe their voices are not quite on par with the stars of Broadway but they’re endearing, and utterly enchanting to watch. 
And yes maybe it is frivolous, maybe the message it carries isn’t so deep, maybe it doesn’t face up to the problems of our time, but why should it? This is escapism at its finest! After a crappy day of work this is the film I will turn to. 
Conclusion: Musical + Emma Stone + Ryan Gosling = Pure magic!