Cecelia Ahern has an incredible ability to take the mundanity of everyday life and turn it magical. Because of this she has always been one of my favourite authors and my go to when I’m not feeling so positive about life. 

Normally my sister buys me Cecelia Ahern’s newest book for Christmas, however with her off living it up in Australia, the world appearing to implode around us and life being just a little bit shit I broke tradition and bought ‘Lyrebird’ as an early Christmas treat for myself! And it really didn’t disappoint.

‘Lyrebird’ tells the tale of Laura a solitary girl with an extraordinary gift and the documentary film crew who discover her and bring her into Dublin and the worlds spotlight. 

Cecilia Ahern uses sound to create a unique and rich description of the modern world. We see this world through the eyes of someone new to it. The novel shines a harsh light onto the superficial, fame, glamour, the media and most of all talent shows, and celebrates the simple things in life. It is the sounds of laughter, a fishing trip, creating a new dress that resonate with the people in this book the most, the sounds of happy memories. And what Laura desires most is not the fame on offer to her but happiness.

The characters are wonderfully down to earth, they have their flaws, they have their talents and they feel like real people. It is this talent I have always admired about Ahern, her ability to create characters so real, so relateable, so normal yet still exciting and interesting enough for us to want to read their story. It is not just Laura and her extraordinary story that we want to know it is Solomon and Bo and Rachel’s stories too. It takes but a few minutes to become invested in their lives and desire their happy endings. And when their eventual happy endings to come it leaves the reader full of hope that everyone’s lives are worthy of a story and everyone is susceptible to magic.

At the heart of it all though it’s a beautiful love story, about two people finding each other and overcoming all hurdles to be together. 

It’s both heartwarming and comforting, and as usual Ahern managed to suck me out of the real world for a few hours and then return me to it feeling a whole lot better about life. 


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