Harry Potter fever is building up again…

I am so incredibly excited for this!!! On a day like today when everything seems a bit shit it’s time to remember the good things ahead, even the small inconsequential things, like the release of a long awaited film! 

Like many others my age I grew up on Harry Potter, and I’ve been a fan ever since I opened the first book. I’ve also been a huge fan of Eddie Redmayne since he played Angel Clare in the BBC’s adaptation of ‘Tess of the D’ubervilles’ 8 years ago. So more Harry Potter delivered in the delightful package of Eddie Redmayne is a dream come true. And I already have my tickets booked for the midnight showing! 

Right now a story about loyalty, friendship and courage, about good overcoming bad is what I (and I’m guessing most of the western world) need. A little bit of escapism and a reminder that there are good people in the world would go a long way today.

Here’s hoping that it lives up to the hype, because there is a LOT of hype, from all we’ve seen so far though it looks to be a good one (fingers crossed). And I guess we’ll find out next week!


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