‘The Crown’ is majestic…

Today Netflix released their 10 episode drama ‘The Crown’ that they have been relentlessly advertising everywhere I look and I actually had the day off so I took myself, a cup of tea and the biscuit jar to the couch and tuned in and I was transfixed! Unfortunately I couldn’t spend all day on my sofa I had to actually leave my house at some point so I couldn’t watch it all, though I easily could have, so far I have only watched the first four and  I cannot wait to watch the rest.

You know what is going to happen in this drama, it is after all a bio-pic about the most famous family in Britain, yet I still found it both thrilling and emotional. The series takes its time it is not fast paced, it is not trying to cram everything into a few hours, in the four hours that I’ve watched so far we have not even reached Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. And this is what makes it so great, its slow burning, it builds up emotions slowly, allows you to become invested in the characters so you feel everything along with them. To cut it short, I cried. A lot.

I was worried it would be undignified, make a mockery of the royal family, turn them into characters out of a soap opera but it doesn’t it gives you a glimpse behind the curtains of the palace at real, human people.

Whilst the main focus of ‘The Crown’ is of course the Queen, it also provides a fascinating insight into the politics of the time. I never really thought or knew much about Winston Churchill’s politics beyond the war years, but this gives you a look at a period of British history that was so important in creating the modern Britain yet few people know much, if anything, about, I certainly didn’t study British history beyond world war two at school, even for my A-levels. The ongoing political turmoil alongside the personal conflicts that Elizabeth and the entire royal family face make this drama so gripping, full of little twists and makes it so much more than what it could have been, a sneaky look at what goes on behind closed doors in the royal family to satisfy the O.K and Hello reading population.

For me ‘The Crown’ was always going to be a hit, I love period dramas, I love the royal family (I mean seriously I slept on the street for Will and Kate’s wedding) and I love Netflix it would have to have some serious flaws for me not to have enjoyed it. However it fulfilled all expectations and more, this is a beautifully written, dramatic drama with tears and laughs and politics and arguments aplenty, its gripping to watch, visually its a treat and if that’s not enough the acting is sublime. Who would have thought I could find Prince Philip attractive but Matt Smith made me do that with a ridiculously impressive performance, Vanessa Kirkby, as usual, was a brilliantly wild Princess Margaret and Claire Foy has some real guts to take on such a role and she did it justice.

I would really recommend anyone who likes good TV to give this a watch, it may not be up your street, but give it go you won’t regret it. And now I am off to watch another episode before bed. Night.


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