This weekend is London Pride and I am going to take this moment to talk abot one of my favourite films of all time the aptly named ‘Pride’!

Pride is the true story of the LGBT groups who raised thousands of pounds to support the miners during the miners strikes in the eighties. The story of how two unlikely allies is so incredibly heart warming and uplifting, despite the miners losing their battle you cannot help but finish the end of the film feeling joyous. (Every time I watch it I genuinely cry with joy).

The cast is brilliant, the best of the British come together and man is it good. Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Andrew Scott, Dominic West and George Mckay (who I have been championing ever since I saw him in ‘Private Peaceful’) to name but a few, have real chemistry and they bounce off each other making the film both laugh our loud funny and really really heartbreaking.

And the soundtrack is on another level if you like eighties music you’ll have a blast! Coming out of the cinema after watching it for the first time I felt as though I’d just been to a stage show. Full of energy, packed with music, laughter and tears it is a truly great piece of British filmmaking.

Before watching this film I had no idea that this event had actually happened but the story restores your faith in humanity. Yes there are ugly parts but you cannot help but feel pride in the human race and the ability for two very different groups of people to come together (which after yesterdays heartbreaking news is something we need to remember).  The film accepts the characters for who they are regardless of their background, gender or sexuality and in the end love wins.



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