The Man in The High Castle…

It’s always great when you find a brilliant series to binge watch and Amazon is pretty damn good at creating them. I’ve just finished watching the first series of their highly popular ‘Man in The High Castle’ and I was absolutely gripped from start to finish.
The setting for this series attempts to answer the most terrifying of questions what if Hitler had won World War Two? The detail is fantastic and the grey somber world created is just as mesmerising as it is horrifying. We spend time with both high up political figures trying to keep peace, and the civilians trying to survive in this tyrannical state. 
The protagonist is Juliana Crain, a young girl from the Japanese occupied San Francisco who gets drawn into the rebellion after the death of her sister, she meets Joe, a young delivery driver from Nazi occupied New York, who has more than a few secrets, in the neutral zone in central USA. Although both characters are intriguing, and incredibly good looking, (I now have a rather large crush on Luke Kleintank who plays Joe) it is Rupert Evans as Frank Frink who steals the show. His journey from passive factory worker to vengeful rebel is so heartbreaking it’s almost unbearable to watch and yet watch you have to.
Rufus Sewell is another stand out, his character John Smith seemingly starts out as a tyrannical Nazi officer yet as you get deeper into the series the John Smith that emerges is intriguing and I’m seriously excited to see where they take him in series two. 
Despite its slow pace, The Man in the High Castle always gives enough twists and turns to keep the watcher constantly asking questions and always coming back for more, and I for one cannot wait for season 2! 


Funny Girl is fantastic…

This week I had the pleasure of going to see this incredible production that is currently playing at the Savoy Theatre. 
Beforehand I knew very little about Funny Girl, I knew of course that the 1968 film shot Barbara Streisand to fame, though I’m ashamed to say I’ve never seen it! I also knew that my all time favourite musical song ‘Don’t rain on my Parade’ comes from it. And Sheridan Smith seriously does it justice, she does the seemingly impossible and makes the song her own, and also made me insanely jealous of her voice and her talent. Her performance is equal parts funny and heartbreaking, a natural born comedian, it can take just one look to have you laughing, and you can’t help but warm to her stout Fanny Brice with a funny walk and a squeaky voice, and as a result the emotional ending breaks your heart, how she manages to pull that performance off eight times a week I have no idea, but she makes this show sensational! 
Darin’s Campbell stars along side her as Nick Arnstein and and very much managed to change my opinion of him from his pop idol days with an outstanding performance. Though whether Nick was bad through and through or just made a couple of bad choices remained ambiguous to the end.
Funny Girl is probably the slickest performance I have ever seen, every step, every word, every note has been perfected. And it is visually beautiful. As Sheridan Smith came out in beautiful outfit after beautiful outfit you could not tear your eyes away. It is without a doubt one of the most brilliant pieces of theatre I have seen in a long long time. Whatever you do, don’t miss it!